From an historical perspective, TSF has always been involved in looking for alternatives in education, starting at CIDA City Campus in the late '90's where we supplied start-up capital for their first campus building. Recognising the value of the 'inside-out approach' within both formal and innovative University level institutions, we have provided catalytic support for initiatives to the Education Development Unit (EDU) at the UCT Commerce Faculty, the innovative Consciousness-Based The Maharishi Institute, the Newly Qualitified Teacher's Project (NQTP, UCT) (in partnership with HCI Foundation) and the new Higher Education Project.

These examples have provided exciting returns on our investments and ideal platforms and spaces for passing on the experiences gained. In all this work, there has been a focus on physical and epistemological access and transformation regarding mainstream practices and thinking, fundamentally increasing vulnerable students' participation and their success in higher education and impacting meaningfully on alumni's work and practices post university.

In addition, we recognise the compelling need to give access, equity and success of the most vulnerable students an international focus and have partnered with a global network of practitioners World Access to Higher Education Network (WAHEN) to catalyse progress on HE equity. An exciting gathering at Oxford University in September 2023 will be the starting point for this journey of exploration.

Maharishi Institute