Since 2000 TSF has supported the ground-breaking and immensely successful Education Development Unit (EDU) at the UCT Commerce Faculty, which engaged with the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning within the faculty.

This included reconceptualising the whole notion of aligning student experiences with a learning vision, transforming what it means to work with and value the richness of diversity, ensuring adequate staffing, resourcing and intellectual development of teaching and learning work; supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning; improving curriculum development skills and teaching practice skills; using technology to support teaching; and improving teaching infrastructure.

Since its inception, the UCT EDU unit has provided supportive conditions for students throughout their degree, from the overall the environment focused on enhancing and developing the learning experience, to improving academic success, cultivating broad graduate attributes and qualities, and providing students with a range of value-added components.

The work of the UCT EDU is now providing the framework for the national ISFAP funding support model within the University sector, providing support and perspective for needs-based students range of socio-cultural and psychological factors that impact on academic performance and human development.

And to capture the lessons learned on the journey, Prof Pym authored a book Exploring Possibilities that can be purchased on Amazon.

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