In 2019, TSF concluded an agreement to support TLT who were operating within the Public School system in SA, as we felt this aspect of inside-out work (encompassing self-worth, self-leadership and social and emotional support) needed a deeper more focussed approach within the system.

As part of an exciting and long envisioned element of our journey, where we have always encouraged supplementary support for scholars over the years, our partnership in this critical realm is now taking place through TLT. The programme mentors and guides students to becoming empowered individuals who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and have a sense of responsibility for the betterment of their fellow man. TLT gently introduces social values, career guidance, entrepreneurship, global citizenship education and meditation as part of their engagement.

Trained facilitators work in multiple schools across South Africa to equip the young scholars with practical skills to navigate daily pressures. Participating schools, mostly public schools, understand the long-term impact of the TLT offering in raising a generation of young men and women who are in touch with themselves and their fellow man like never before. The program is agile in its response to urgent social issues, while expanding the minds of participants to realise their value and unlimited potential that lies within.

TLT have seen that their involvement has a ripple effect in the inner and outer circles of the students’ lives. We believe this program is an essential ingredient to education, and that that the potential of all human beings will have a greater chance of being maximised through programs like this that address the critical inner needs of young people across the spectrum.

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