Leading the way in this area is a global business program called the School Enterprise Challenge (SEC), developed and run by UK based Teach a Man to Fish. This annual competition encourages students to plan and manage a real business at school, awakening the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs in the future. Teachers are introduced to a range of practical experiential teaching tools and activities that complement the curriculum and help develop entrepreneurial mindsets. Topics include: Developing Empathy and Understanding the Needs of Your Community, Brainstorming Brilliant Business Ideas, Prototyping and Market Research, Turning Challenges into Opportunities and Making Financial Planning Fun for Learners.

Ideally profitable school businesses are sustainable, strengthening the educational offering for students for the long term and generating revenue to support educational improvements year after year.

SEC established a new programme record for registrations with more than 10,000 schools signing up, and schools from 104 countries taking part in (up from 74 in 2018). Almost ten percent of past participant schools re-registered to the programme in 2019 (vs 9% in 2018), and 91% of the schools which came up with a business idea went on to develop it into a full business plan. Over 80 percent of schools that wrote a business plan went on to set up and launch their school business and complete an annual report.

After more than a decade of hosting global entrepreneurial competitions, Teach A Man To Fish is at a pivotal, yet they believe exciting, juncture. They have a model that is effective in enabling young people to learn valuable skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and in the long-term, earn more in better jobs, as well as create new jobs

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