Fundación Paraguaya

Fundación Paraguaya is a leading edge self-sufficient social enterprise founded in Paraguay in 1985 that seeks to develop innovative solutions to poverty and unemployment, and proactively disseminate them throughout the world. The Foundation enables people of limited resources to create jobs and increase their family income, promoting urban and rural entrepreneurship through four interrelated strategies:

 A Microfinance program that supports microentrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs generally relegated by other microfinance institutions.
• An economic education program for children and young people (Junior Achievement).
• A self-sufficient agricultural high school that teaches organic agriculture and business skills to low income youth from rural areas to transform them from “poor small landholders” into “rural entrepreneurs”.
• An international replication program for self-sufficient schools alongside its UK sister organization Teach A Man To Fish

Fundación Paraguaya are also the creators of the Poverty Stoplight tool which empowers families and social innovators to eradicate poverty at a family level.

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