Noah's Ark

Asifunde Sonke is a teacher training center offering National SAQA teaching qualifications in ECD as well as valuable work experience at the onsite pre -school Noah’s Ark. The school operates purely out of love and the quality of support and mentorship the student teachers and learners receive is exemplary.

The learning center was created in response to a great need for the persons and minders running crèches to be trained on approved Department of Education material that is both affordable and accessible to the surrounding villages. Felicity Champkins, the Noah’s Ark Principal, was awarded the ABSA/DOE honours for Best Teacher for KZN and runner-up for Best ECD Teacher nationally, as well as Best ECD Trainer, KwaZulu-Natal and runner-up nationally in that category. She has created a training model that offers real time classroom experience alongside academic training. Furthermore, an important part of the ECD Students’ learning is the making of their own teaching resources through imaginative use of natural and discarded materials for use in crèche huts/containers back home.

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