Catalyst 2030

Catalyst 2030 is a global group of social entrepreneurs, NGO’s and philanthropists who’s belief is that for the systems transformations required to have any chance of being achieved to bring about the just, inclusive and sustainable world envisioned in the UN Sustainable 2030 Development Goals requires shared ownership across the spectrum.

In their Catalyst 2030 Report From crisis to systems change (available here), they acknowledge that we are in a deep crisis that only far-reaching systems change can get us out of. To do this, they believe that achieving the 2030 SDG’S through an unprecedented mobilisation of social entrepreneurs, partners, and resources is the only way.

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The International Education Funders Group (IEFG) is an affinity network of foundations and donor-advised funds that support basic education in the Global South. IEFG covers early childhood through to secondary education, as well as non-formal education, youth and skills, and adult education. They have a special interest in teacher training.

Much of our work aims to support the education targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals and Education 2030.

IEFG are a member-driven group, focused primarily on co-learning, information exchange and networking that has grown organically from 14 members in 2010, to around 100 today (foundations, donor-advised funds, corporate giving programs, and charities).

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The Wellbeing Project

The Wellbeing Project is focused on catalysing a culture of inner wellbeing for all changemakers. They are inspired by love, care and compassion for all the people who work to build a better world, as well as to support the many causes and movements for which all in the development/philanthropy/NGO field work.

The Project is structured in four pillars which all play a vital role and contribute to the larger mission of supporting and deepening this shift, with a core focus on an inner development journey that supports individuals and their work, and to explore wellbeing at an organisational level.

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Initiated in 2010, with TSF as part of the founding group, the Independent Philanthropic Association South Africa (IPASA) is a locally established, voluntary association of independent philanthropists, private foundations and other organisations associated with philanthropy in South Africa.

Initially there was sporadic collaboration between philanthropists and foundations despite there being significant alignment both in terms of sector support and objectives.

After a number of years and growth of trust however, significant peer learning, the ease of an open forum for transparent dialogue has enabled significant collaboration and partnerships.

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Greenlight Office

One of the most powerful entities TSF support to enable change is The Greenlight office in South Africa, which uses the innovative Stoplight tool to enable people to get perspective and clarity of their personal situation, and ‘do it for themselves’.

The Stoplight tool is an innovative, practical, self-evaluation, visual survey tool that allows families and employees to participate and own their journeys out of poverty by assessing six universal poverty dimensions.

The approach also provides clarity for service providers and philanthropy to get a better picture of what is actually required, and not what they as grant-makers feel is needed in any given situation.

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Young people face challenges on a daily basis: career choices, sexuality, substance abuse, and more. And they’re expected to be healthy, composed, and change the world. That’s a lot of pressure.

An exciting new addition to the TSF eco-system, TLT offers a safe space and equips young people with the practical skills to navigate daily pressures, empowering them to understand their identity and potential.

TLT focus on life empowerment and leadership skills delivered in an engaging way, tackling tough topics that develop young people into leaders. Developed in 2017, their motivated and passionate team of specialists work in multiple schools across South Africa, with increasing demand for their critical work.

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As part of our aspiration to enable individuals within communities, looking for answers and insights in the Global North and the Global South, TSF also supports SIGNAL in the UK, another enabling institution that utilises the Stoplight Tool to activate shifts within the realm of poverty and ultimately self-management of individuals.

The tool is a metric and a methodology to enable households to assess their level of poverty and help people identify their real needs while inspiring them to make the changes that are required to transform their lives. At the same time, it enables organisations to gain clarity and respond more effectively to those needs in any environment.

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