Maharishi Invincibility Institute

The world’s first "self-sustaining, self-funding" educational institute.

Catalysed by seed funding provided by TSF in 2007, the Maharishi Invincibility Institute (MII) and its family of non-profit organisations have created the first free tertiary Universities and vocational schools in South Africa. They offer bursaries, loans and self-development programs for bright, deserving youth to further their studies and find employment opportunities. Their ‘Learn and Earn’ programme is what sets MII apart, as the program provides real work experience for students who are studying, enabling them to earn extra money to pay for food and transport, and build up a CV.

Aside from providing access to an accredited international Business Degree via distant learning and Services SETA and ICT SETA accreditation, MII focus on the inner wellbeing of all their students via a consciousness-based curriculum.

This focus on Consciousness-Based Education includes Transcendental Meditation to develop the full potential of every student – providing a greater ability to concentrate and focus and achieve dramatically improved academic success and enhanced performance. Many of the world’s greatest leaders practice this approach.

MII provide their learners with a competitive edge by offering industry experiential verticals, aligned to industry needs, together with the Business Administration degree. Currently they offer verticals in Insurance, Financial Markets, Cyber Security, Business Process Outsourcing and General Management.

MII’s long-term vision is to educate and develop a new generation of 100 000 ethical business leaders in Africa. Their holistic development of students from within activates students to achieve career and life success, and MII address the unique needs from the variety of students from every race and cultural background.

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