As a leading global light in the ECD sector, and one of TSF’s most successful investments, the GROW ECD vision is to set a new standard for early education in developing communities that unlocks human potential. To do so, GROW provide women who have a heart for children and a head for business with a complete recipe for ECD success. This franchise model significantly improves the educational outcomes for children under five and ensures that the business owner can run a professional and sustainable business. Each franchise is supported by a business mentor who trains and mentors the franchisee to run a professional business using their "Business in a Box" toolkit.

GROW’S short-term goal is to grow their social franchise model to at least 60 centres (100 classrooms) by December 2020, which will have the capacity to educate at least 2400 children daily. Their new long-term goal is the grow to at least 350 centres by December 2025 which will educate at least 10 000 children daily. One of the major outcomes of the initiative is that GROW-educated children graduate at the age of five significantly more school-ready than children from the same socio-economic background who did not attend a GROW Educare Centre.

They currently have a 1-year internship programme for 45 unemployed teachers and hope to increase the capacity annually as their base of centres grow.

On top of this, GROW is also equipping franchisees to run modern, professional centres where integrated technology guides her every step. This saves time, improves education and administration, engages parents, and means GROW can track how centres are performing in real time. It integrates the GROW 5 star monitoring and evaluation system and makes tracking performance transparent and engaging so that every centre owner knows what she needs to do to achieve the 5 star standard. GROW will be pilot releasing this unique technology to a broader audience of ECD owners in South Africa in 2021 and in future years it will be available globally.

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