Entrepreneurship in Schools

In all of the work TSF engage in, education and individual enablement is at the core - and one of the ideal platforms to do so is through an understanding of enterprises - with one of the most important aspects that of Entrepreneurship. And through activating and supporting enterprise centred models that enable learners (and schools!) to gain a comprehensive understanding of the full cycle of business, we aim to encourage individuals to become self-reliant entrepreneurs or at the very least instil confidence and work readiness skills that in turn support a thriving economy.

Ideally the school or institute will educate via live businesses to enable students to experience the full cycle of business, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of all of the aspects of business and the realities of life and work in today’s world, as not everyone can take on the creative challenge of Entrepreneurship.

To support this approach, The Saville Foundation are a founding partner of, and have provided the financial backing for the School Enterprise Challenge, a global business start-up Awards Programme managed by UK based Teach A Man To Fish. The program guides students and teachers through the phases of setting up a business at school, and students experience how to make money (or in some cases fail to make money) through enterprise creation resulting in globally aware, socially responsible young entrepreneurs. And there are over $50,000 worth of prizes to be won for schools!

Over the past decade The School Enterprise Challenge (SEC) has expanded into over 100 countries from India to Peru with South Africa being an early adopter.

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