Imagine a school where parents handpick their child's education. Imagine a different education system altogether.

Meeting the needs of technology and full spectrum education, a new member of our eco-system is EEQU, an education platform that connects skilled and passionate people in the community to curious children who are self-directed in their learning.

EEQU is an online platform that brings together parents and mentors to provide unique learning on a tech platform that enables each child to imagine and co-create the learning journey of their dreams. It is a portal to a boundless world of potential mentors in every community. Anyone can become a mentor. It’s is a place for parents, grandparents, artists, musicians, craftspeople and sportspeople…It is a place for professional teachers, small businesses and micro schools. EEQU experiences are activities, projects and tutorials that are provided by local people who have a skill or passion to share with a child.

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