Children’s Ground

A relatively new addition to our eco-system, Children’s Ground is a bold not-for-profit organisation in Australia creating a different future for First Nations children, families and communities experiencing the greatest levels of disadvantage. The model takes on a 25 year approach, focusing on wellbeing for every child, promoting national reform for policy and practice in learning, health, economic wellbeing, culture and community. This is a new approach designed with First Nations people building on decades of knowledge, expertise and international evidence. The approach celebrates people’s First culture and knowledge.

Children’s Ground responds to the key social, economic and cultural determinants for lifelong opportunity and wellbeing - focusing on prevention, excellence and empowerment. This 25-year approach starts with children pre-birth to eight years. Implementation of their approach is phased - as children grow, Children’s Ground grows with them and their families until they reach adulthood.

Children’s Ground’s intention is to demonstrate practice and build the evidence base to compel systems reform.

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